Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Jakeabob's Off the Bay Ready for Grand Opening

Princess Cottage
Two of the most iconic images from the wrath of Hurricane Sandy come from Union Beach. The 150 year-old Princess Cottage on Front Street, which has since been torn down, and Jakeabob's Bay restaurant, which still sits a few blocks east, waiting for the powers that be to decide its fate.

Jakeabob's Bay

On Saturday, February 16, I had a chance to visit the new Jakeabob's Bay which will be located at 910 Union Avenue, about 10 blocks from the original location. The new restaurant will be called Jakeabob's Off the Bay, and is scheduled to open on February 28. According to owner Gigi Dorr, the status of the original location is still in limbo, waiting for the insurance companies involved to sort out who is responsible for what.

The new location is being decorated with doors that have been donated from homes throughout the borough of Union Beach that were destroyed during the hurricane. While the doors stand as a stark reminder of what the residents of Union Beach have been subjected to since October 29, they also represent the power and spirit of those same people who are bouncing back and rebuilding their lives in the face of great odds.

Dorr has been featured in several articles and television segments about her efforts to rebuild her business while at the same time she becoming a leading advocate and symbol for all of the residents of Union Beach.

Recently, a group on the social media site Facebook has given all of us a chance to support the borough of Union Beach and give a little something back to the person who has inspired all of us who have been involved in the post-Sandy restoration efforts.

Please take a look at the letter from the group, Paper doors for Gigi. Pass it along, send a door and a donation, and most importantly, put Jakeabob's Off the Bay on your must-do list of restaurants to visit this spring and summer. 

Doors for Gigi

Gigi Dorr, owner of “Jakeabob’s Bay” in Union Beach, NJ, has given a tremendous amount of time, support, and love to our community since we were decimated by Hurricane Sandy on October 29, 2012.

For those who don’t know, she is planning to open a new restaurant at 910 Union Avenue in Union Beach which she will call “Jakeabob’s Off The Bay." She is using a theme of doors throughout the new Jake’s!

Gigi has lost so much, but she has given so much more! Many of us want to do something special for her, and we need everyone to help! First, make a paper door for Gigi! All doors need to be no bigger than 4 ¼ inches by 5 ½ inches (half a sheet of 8 ½ inch by 11 inch paper). You can find pictures of doors on the internet, or make your own! Take a picture of an actual door, or have a child color a picture of a door! Write messages of love and encouragement to Gigi on your door! If you are able, include a monetary donation to Gigi to help offset the costs of opening a new place! No donation is too small. All donations together can help make a difference! If you cannot afford a donation at this time, but would like to be a part of this, please just send a door for Gigi!

Doors and donations can be mailed or dropped off to:

Union Beach Police Department
650 Poole Avenue
Union Beach, NJ 07735
Attention: Mary

Checks should be made out directly to Gigi Dorr.

We have already given Gigi some paper doors we have recieved but would like to send her many many more!

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