Monday, January 28, 2013

The Red Tape Is Alive and Well In Union Beach, NJ

This letter is from a business owner in Union Beach whose restaurant, Jakeabob's Bay, was completely destroyed by Sandy. Gigi Dorr has been a force of positivity for 92 days, but her words today show that even the strongest among us are being bent backward by the red tape during the recovery efforts. Please read, and please share. - Thanks, Jack.

Jakeabob's Bay - on the waterfront in Union Beach.

"Day 92. Frustrated. We are 92 days into the "non red tape" super mess !!!!

I was interviewed today, by some production co., I have to be honest I keep on talking to anyone who will listen. My thought process is that someone will hear what I have to say. Someone will get us the answers. Someone will figure out where all this money is. Someone will figure out this awful red tape mess. Someone... will help !!! What in the world is taking so long ? What is Congress doing ? What is the problem ? WHERE IS THE HELP ? WE are in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ? Correct ????

Dear Mr. President, Hello Congress, we are over here !!! We are the ones with no homes, no heat, no buildings, no school, destroyed Firehouses, flooded EMT building, no walls, we are the ones who have to lift our homes, our businesses, we are the ones who 92 days in have NO ANSWERS, we are the ones who are fighting with our insurance companies. we are the ones trying to figure how high we have to build, can we build, should we build. We are AMERICANS, pay a boat load of taxes, pay for insurance policies and may I add on time, because if we didnt pay on time, we would be CANCELLED !!!! I think it's called accountability !!! Who is accountable for the insurance companies ? I want to know, I want answers, WE want answers, WE NEED answers!! How is this even possible ?

Hello Mr. President....are you out there Congress???? Stop it !!! Enough is enough !!!! Here is an idea come here, come to us, let us show you how we are doing, let us give you a first hand tour...better yet let's have a sleep over !!!! Just one night come stay in our homes with no heat, no walls, no floors, no carpet, busted pipes. Get your head out of your asses.....Make someone accountable, someone step up to the plate !!!! We have proven we are strong, we are Jersey Strong !!!! We are survivors ....we are trying to figure all this mess out..we are united, we got that part. Now do your part....let's go !!!!!

As I see it, the ONLY ones helping are the Churches and Private sector, private families, non profit foundations, our neighbors.... if you can't handle the situation move over let's us figure it out !!! Let Carl figure it out !!!!

I apologies for the rant, I am frustrated. I am begging someone, anyone for answers !!!!

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